The Week After That

At last night’s living room concert I gave everyone slips of paper and had them contribute song ideas: people, places, things, moods. The suggestions were

dark ages
Costa Rica
Aunt Jemima
old motorcycles
a cowboy who doesn’t like horses or cows

It pretty much wrote itself. I performed it 15 minutes after I pulled the ideas from the hat.


what do you do when you’re in the wrong place
in the wrong place in the wrong time?
thinking like that can ruin your breakfast
looking for reason and rhyme

roping and riding and drivin’ ’em in
is driving me out of my mind
so I’m moving on
next week I’ll be gone
the week after that I’ll fine

my sister just doesn’t get it
she doesn’t have to, she knows I’m okay
her Harley will get me to LAX
I’m flying south today


I’m off on a plane to the tropics
heading south as fast as I can
get away from those horses and smelly old cows
in Costa Rica I could work on my tan


no more bacon and eggs in the morning
Aunt Jemima’s got nothing on me
that medieval torture of saddle tramp days
is washing away in the sea


Who Made You Blue?

I love doing vocal harmonies. Most acapella groups do music I’m not thrilled with, but sometimes it’s exactly right.

I need to set up my studio and stop recording in the master bedroom closet. It’s a nice space but without a multitrack system I can’t stack the harmonies easily, so each track is sung against the primary melody in the hopes that I’ll get enough harmonic movement. As a result some of the chords are a mite sloppy. Next time, next time.

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Don’t Love You Anymore

Some people can’t move on because they’re stuck
because they can’t move on
because they’re stuck
like this clown, who thinks it’s her fault.

I wrote the chorus to this as a straight country mandolin song and just couldn’t find this guy’s story. Somehow, realizing it could be gypsy jazz led me to his cluelessness and the story.

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The Note

I don’t like writing sad songs. I understand that some folks want to (as someone said to me) “experience the full range of human emotion” but I’ve had all the sadness I’ll ever need, I don’t have to go searching for it.

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3000 Miles

Ireland sings to me most nights and some days. We spent a month there in 2005. I’ve been trying to go back (and if possible, stay) ever since. Yes, I’m one more of those people who want to be Irish. Seems everyone with a certain bent is inexorably drawn there.

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23 Steps

I discovered this simple 2-chord tropical sounding pattern a few years ago. I have a mild number obsession. I don’t know where the whole coffee thing came from. I drink it but it’s not my religion or anything.

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