next show in November

  1. That Mountain
    one of the few true bluegrass tunes I do; about moving to this area and realizing I could see one particular peak no matter where I went—like it was following me
  2. Another Shore
    country rock song for the itchy feet among us
  3. beautiful carelessly sultry
    jazzy little number with no nouns—y’know, the ‘people/places/things’ words
  4. Gravity Ceases
    quiet jazz piece about loving someone until that happens
  5. Greenback Blues
    country kicker about little green pictures of Presidents interfering in marital bliss
  6. Here Before
    folk melange of a bunch of experiences from my old life; reminders of some reasons I am who I am
  7. Jack Dog and the Blue Rabbit
    another jazz beast which was running around in my head until I let it out
  8. Long Long Ride
    bluegrass again; I love songs bout going home
  9. Matild
    my CAMel has THREE good LEGS making it hard to perform while riding
  10. She Was Gone
    country ballad that made its subject cry the first time she heard it and honest, is there a better endorsement?
  11. Whiteout
    a Wisconsin song. I do not know who the jerk narrator is but he sure ain’t me
  12. With the Radio On
    starting a new life with nothing is terrifying, unless your old life was even more terrifying and then it’s the only thing to do
  13. Into the Sunset
    men and their late fathers: you could write ten thousand songs on the subject