The Travel Songs

Saturday January 27th at 3pm we’ll be performing 16 songs I’ve written about travel. Join us right here in our very own living room.

Bonus attraction: come dressed in travel clothes, or celebrate travel by bringing an international snack to share!

4854 E Meadow Land Drive

in Castlegate near Ocotillo and Schnepf


Text Joel at 715-205-5355.

The Songs

  1. Headlights This car loves to roll. Headlights, shine on down the road.
  2. Back to You aka “The Motorcycle Song”
  3. Leaving Maricopa . . . in a cloud of dust . . .
  4. A Light Between the Branches Canadian cowboy rock is a lot like any other cowboy rock, but probably has more snow.
  5. Another Shore Cowboy rock. Let’s go!
  6. Destination Irrelevant Fiona’s travel memories, shuffled and musicified for your listening (or dreaming) pleasure.
  7. 3000 Miles Ireland sings to her children. I am one. Adopted, but her child nonetheless.
  8. Roads and Rainbows Note the spectacular use of a downward key change for the chorus. You won’t. But it’s there.
  9. Home Like No Place Cowboys and travel go together like steak and potatoes, chili and fries, pizza and man I’m getting hungry when’s dinner?
  10. Laminated Map of the World Don’t leave home without it!
  11. Yesterday’s Moon A love song, but rather than a happy ending, perhaps, no ending at all.
  12. This Great Adventure . . . or not . . .
  13. Long Long Ride Banjo beater about going home—with a twist.
  14. Suite for a New Life/With the Radio On 4, 4, 4 songs in 1.
  15. Big Dark Cloud A crowd favorite. A me favorite. Cowboy songs eff tee dubya!
  16. Not Just Believe “I want to know the world is round, not just believe”. Fiona will try to outsing me. We shall see.