Suite for a New Life

Am                       F     
if it all fell apart and ended in a ditch 

          C                       G
we'd have no one but ourselves to thank
we set out with nothing to our names 
but our clothes and the gas in the tank

nothing we had was making sense anymore 
so we set out to find something else
you seemed pretty sure and I didn't wanna scare you 
so I kept my doubts to myself

andante (very slowly)
Em            Am
as we slipped away
you held my hand so tight I couldn't breathe
Em                           Am                     G
drove into a sunrise full of colors I knew didn't exist

C              G          F            G
I thought we'd find a new place of our own
didn't know you were such a rolling stone
shaking off the moss, heading out into the great unknown

we didn't know the world was so wide
once you let go; knots are untied
its beauty's just a mirror of the beauty we all have inside

(rhythm shift to "With the Radio On")