Faster Faster Faster

Not country.

Most of my life my dreams have been about being chased by an unseen pursuer or rushing frantically to get somewhere on time, with life-altering consequences. They are far more disturbing than it sounds. Any time I remember my dreams, I wake up distressed or terrified or terrifically distressed.

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Purple Sky

As much as I miss the greens and whites of northern Wisconsin, I’ve long been in love with the purple orange sunsets of the Arizona desert.

This song owes much to The Sons of the Pioneers, especially by way of Michael Nesmith’s album Tropical Campfires and the songs Moon Over the Rio Grande and Twilight on the Trail.

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Run Away

Driving is one of my therapies. Though Best Beloved knows that every time I do run away, she’s coming along because that’s how it works.

We run away together a lot.

Needs a full band treatment to shine.

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The Ballad of Ed Tom Bell

Sheriff Ed Tom Bell in “No Country for Old Men” spends a lot of time talking about what’s wrong with the world, and making a lot of sense.

Please note: I’m apolitical. I see a lot wrong with the whole world, not just one country, and the ‘country’ McCarthy referred to in Bell’s monologues was the region he lived in, not a geopolitical entity. I’d hate for anyone to think I had a bone to pick with any particular person, place or thing. But if you read Cormac McCarthy, stuff like this is bound to leak back out eventually.

I intentionally sang it in too low a key to get the sound I wanted.

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My Favorite Dreams

Another 6-minute wonder (that is, about 6 minutes to write.) I spent 5 of them searching in vain for one more word that rhymes with dreams, then rearranged it so I didn’t have to.

When the subject is my Best Beloved, it just isn’t that hard. I’ll never know if they’re any good because I don’t care as long as they make her smile.

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