Another Shore

capo 2
C Am F C G

It’s dark out on the horizon The sea and the sky are blue and gray
C Am F G C
Behind me there’s a glow above the hills I’ll be gone before the break of day
Used to be a darkness in my life Soul stuck in a long dark night
Maybe somewhere past that horizon Is what I hope will help to put me right

F C • F C G
I’ll take that ship wherever it goes where I’ll end up heaven knows
Em [4455] Am [4555] Em Am
nothing wrong with where I am but I’ve seen it all before
so I’ll take that ship and sail away and fi-ind another shore G F C

The world is round, everyone knew From long before Columbus rode the foam
Circles have no end and no beginning No matter where you head you’re heading home
chorus G F C

vagabonding, wanderlust, or travel whatever you call it’s all the same
restless rambling trek toward that horizon to see the world without a picture frame
chorus G F C

Some folks are content to stay at home Some of us can barely keep still
Some of you might want to come along Down the road and over that next hill
chorus, repeat last line 2x