beautiful carelessly sultry

bass hats boom chuck
there are no nouns in this song

hey beautiful carelessly sultry
lazily bright above
enthusiastically tightly warmly
dizzy madly of

anxiously silly beside
awkwardly even between
boldly moving to measure up
beyond reluctantly seen


silently tender despite
carefully crazy about
seldom recklessly foolish though
truthfully empty without


eventually happy within
perfectly better at
briefly bravely brightly blindly
joyously wonderful that

chorus, then
enthusiastically tightly warmly
dizzy madly of

Long Long Ride

bass hats boom chuck
I’ve got a long long ride
And it’s a dark dark night
With nothing but the stars to light my way
I’ve got some big big dreams
And some good good friends
And I know I’m gonna make it back someday

I left my small small town
For the bright bright city
I knew that I could make it if I tried
I had a true true heart
And a deep deep love
For a dream I had that would not be denied


There were some rich rich people
Heard my hot hot music
Heard a gravy train a-comin’ from afar
Now they were sharp sharp thinkers
Had some fat fat bankrolls
And they spent it so that I could be a star


I know you’ve heard this story two too many times
Mean city breaks a country boy’s heart
I’m telling you right now that’s not how it was
I made a name And got my fame
I had it good As one man could
But missing home was tearing me apart

And I know I’m gonna make it home today