Check the Map F

by a certain age
Eb [0011]
should have more sense
I’ve seen it all a dozen times, done
Bb c
most of it twice

on the path for fifty years
I know where to go
then I lose my mind and lose my way
and wander off again

Bb C F
check the map to see where I went wrong
Bb C F
not the first time I’ve had to sing this song
Bb C
dying of thirst
F Bb
should have checked it first
Bb F
I know I should have known it all along
Bb C F
should’ve checked the map before I went wrong

singing birds
in the branches overhead
see something tasty
just out of reach
a step or two is all it takes
to satisfy the urge
then turn around
no idea where I am


Eb Bb F
look around and realize you’re lost
Eb Bb C
look ahead and recognize the cost
and know you’re not the only one who’ll pay

I’ve had this map
all my life
got it from my father
when I was young
I put it in a drawer
forgot it for too long
best to keep it handy
for when I get off the path


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