Do You Like Bacon?

145 in D
I hope that you like pancakes and I hope that you like eggs
cause I kinda like your big blue eyes and I know I like your legs
there’s method to this madness and hunger in my plan
I wanna fix you breakfast every morning if I can

do you like bacon? cause I like bacon
I hope that you like coffee cause I do
I hope you wake up hungry every morning just like me
cause I wake up hungry every day for you

crispy waffles or fried potatoes
either one’s a winner picking one and you sorta lose
maybe we can find a way to mix ’em both together
our famous tater waffles will mean no one has to choose

I’ve got this recipe for brussel sprouts
now hang on, hang on, hang on, just hear me out
cut ’em up and blanch ’em quick towel ’em off a bit
fry ’em up in bacon grease and crunch away your doubt

beer is not traditionally a breakfast food
but you know what Emerson said about little minds
quesadilla with two fried eggs homemade salsa and lime
shot of tequila and a beer it works all kinds