Everything Every Day

capo 1 play notes F (on the E string) C (on the A string)
clouds darken the sky
then the rain falls, so that’s okay
soaks the dirt, runs off down the street
work done, the clouds drift away

switch to E chord
and then we get the sun
warm and dry and bright
even days when it’s too hot
always darken to night

A E • B7 E
everything every day comes along and it goes away
good or bad, it’s what you make it
how you think is how you take it
paint the clouds, dance in the rain
not much to lose, whole lot to gain
love it all, find a way everything every day

E A • B7 E
a million years ago when I was young
so many things I wasn’t allowed to do
these days, a million years old
I’d rather not if it’s all the same to you

it’s my nature to grumble some
even when I know I’ve got it good
but I try to recognize how good I’ve got it
be thankful for it all, like I should