Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

1 4 5 in D

Cowboys life is tough
Sitting in the saddle all day
Ropin and ridin and herdin
Ain’t all yippikiyay
End of the day yer dragging
Hard to muster a smile
Cookies always got something
Makes ridin herd worthwhile

Big old plate of beans
Really hits the spot
Fry ‘em up with bacon grease
Get them while they’re hot

sometimes he makes biscuits
biscuits sure are great
tasty little morsels good for
mopping up yer plate
Sunday morning flapjacks
while someone quotes the Book
he keeps a jug of syrup
that’s why we love our cook


coffee black and hot
really can’t go wrong
fresh pot every time we stop
keeps us going strong
can’t forget the bacon
flavors up the beans
the ladies all like bacon too
and you know what that means