F D5 Bb C
She couldn’t get it started so she called for a ride
And talking about she tried not to But she cried
One took her out to lunch while another stayed behind
And by the time she got back home her car was running fine

He heard we’d lost some work though we don’t know him that well
He didn’t seem the type but with some folks you can’t tell
You never know who’ll help or how they will
He shook my hand and left behind a twenty dollar bill

Bb F D5 C
Givers gotta give, sharers sure do share
Lovers learn to love and carers care
Doing for others is the only way to live
Carers care and givers, givers gotta give

We knew the trip was long and we’d need a place to stay
Old friends called us up and said we’re right on the way
They lined up to hug us, ate so much I thought I’d die
I know that when we leave on Monday I’m gonna cry

It’s not just being friendly or kind
Makes even strangers glad to go that far
Doesn’t just come naturally, it’s part of who they choose to be
Identifying mark of who they are

Out of coffee, almost out of tea
Did the brave thing and let someone see
It’s hard to ask for help, the struggle is real
Till the look on their face reminds you how givers feel