Gonna Tell You Goodbye

Yeah, I might leave any day now so y’all better watch yerselves.


gonna tell you goodbye
before I leave
honey you won’t die
and I won’t deceive
hoping you don’t cry
even if you grieve
gonna tell you goodbye
someday before I leave

I know we said forever
when we tied the knot
but what’cha gonna do
someday when I’ve forgot?
if my mind is gone
crazy as a loon
I might forget our love
and maybe sing this tune


family tradition
is what it’s about
always say goodbye
whenever we go out
we holler hello
when we come back in
it’s what we do
the way it’s always been


forewarned is forearmed
I’ve heard it said
so you’ll know what to do
when I’m out of my head
hide the car keys
steal my shoes
lock up my bike
so you never have to hear the news


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