Home Like No Place

G Em
Huddie sang about that old boll weevil
Am D
And how that bug was looking for a home
G Em G Em
Every time I hear that song Seems he got it wrong
Am D G
I know that old bug just liked to roam

Even Stephen Foster’s great plantation
And old folks at home were far away
How ever many times We all sing Stephen’s rhymes
He’s wandering creation to this day

Me and Stephen Foster and boll weevil
We’re travelers not looking for a home
Roads rambled, rivers crossed Some wanderers ain’t lost
We’re forty years from the milk and the honeycomb

Life ain’t some great eternal baseball game
There’s more for you and me than rounding third
Every child knows the poem There’s no place like home
Don’t you believe everything you’ve heard


Best beloved’s sitting by the fire
Simm’ring supper smell fills the air
But when Foster and the bug Look up from the rug
You’d best believe they’ll take you off somewhere

chorus, then
We’re forty years from the milk and the honeycomb