out on the horizon a tiny light’s starting to glow
and even though I’m here in the dark as I watch it I know
something good’s heading our way
something brighter than the brightest day
as if someone out there wants to say
not much longer to go

it’s dark down here but you don’t have to go it alone
sometimes it can be hard to make it to the light on your own
take my hand and together we’ll see
what the brightness turns out to be
when it’s shining on you and me
and all the seeds that we’ve sown

together we’ll watch as the light
brings an end to this night
listen, and you can’t help but hear the sound
it’s right there, take my hand
open your eyes, and we’ll stand
in the light as it grows all around

out on the horizon a tiny light’s starting to glow

2 of these about “Light

    1. I wanted those who know what I’m saying to hear it clearly but leave room for the listener to feel whatever meaning they want for it.

      Very pleased with this one.

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