19 Questions

23 Steps

3000 Miles

3000 Miles

A Light Between the Branches (intro)

A Light Between the Branches

A Light Between The Branches

All My Fault

All These Walls acoustic

All These Walls electric


Another Shore

Archie Goodwin’s Blues

asleep fall

Back Side Of The Ridge

Back to You

The Ballad of Ed Tom Bell

The Ballad Of Sir Perry Pufflingpants

beautiful carelessly sultry

beautiful carelessly sultry

Because Love


Big Dark Cloud


blogtalk radio promo

blow, wind!

Blue Sky Rainy Day

But Not Faded

But Not Faded

Cat’s Gotta Eat

Check the Map

Chicken Palmerent

Count Our Days

Dark of Night

Destination Irrelevant

Destination Irrelevant

Do the Math

Do You Like Bacon?

Don’t Love You Anymore

Don’t Want To Sleep

Everything Every Day


Fancy Tie Knot

Faster Faster Faster


First Rodeo, Last Ride

First Rodeo, Last Ride

Flower Print Dress


Fresh Bread and Morning Birds

Gonna Tell You Goodbye

Good for the Crops

Good Ol’ Manly Cry

Good Ol’ Manly Cry

Good Pair Of Jeans

Greenback Blues

Had To Be There


Here Before

The Hillside


Home Like No Place

Hot in the Kitchen

Hot In the Kitchen

I Didn’t Ask

I think there’s something in the basement

I Want You to Know

I Want You to Know

I Wish I Had A Ukulele

I Won’t Ask for More

I Won’t Ask For More

I Won’t Ask For More


If I Was Ten Feet Tall

If It Ain’t Broke


Into The Sunset

Into the Sunset

Into Town


The Irishman and the Tiger

The Irishman And The Tiger

It’s A Jungle In Here

It’s Cold Out There

Jack Dog and the Blue Rabbit

Jack Dog and the Blue Rabbit

Just a Couple of Kids

Laminated Map of the World

Late Night Intrigue

The Leaves


Like the Sea

Little Boy’s Dream

Long Long Ride

Look My Way

Losing The Focus

Love and Time

Marmalade Coast


Mexican Food

Moonlight Dreaming (last verse)

Moonlight Dreaming

More Than Love

My Body’s a Hundred

My Favorite Dreams

My Socks

No Tropical Isle

Not Just Believe

Not Just Believe

The Note

The Oak

Old Man Trilogy

Old Men

Old Men

Olivia So Quiet

On Not Catching A Cold

On Plurality

One Last Sad Song

The Only Other Diner

Order In Words

Palm of Your Hand

Palm Of Your Hand

Parade for the Wedding of Qi Tang


The Politest Pirate


Powerless Librarian Blues

Powerless Librarian Blues

Powerless Librarian Blues

Purple Sky

rain train drum solo

River Song

Roads And Rainbows

Run Away

She Was Gone

Sleeping Lie

Something Fishy

Stars (by Fiona ER Canfield)


Suite for a New Life

Take a Boat

Tenuous 1

Tenuous 2

Tenuous 3

Tenuous 4

Tenuous 4.1

Tenuous 5

Tenuous 6

That Mountain

These Are Not Voices in the Dark

This Great Adventure

This Is Not a Song

This Is What It Sounds Like

This Path

This Path

This Sad Dance

This Will All Make Sense

Tin Whistle Tin Ear


Tropical Vacation

True Enough


Water Over Stone

The Way You Do

We Are Water

What if the Light at the End of the Tunnel is Just the Headlamp of an Oncoming Train?

What Will I Do with These Gifts

When Luigi Dreams

Whispering Love

Whispering Love


Who Made You Blue?

Why Aren’t There Any Words?

Why Don’t We Just Stay in Tonight?


With the Radio On

Yesterday’s Moon