More Than Love

I’m going to start posting older songs so I have all my music in one place.

This demo was recorded at Ray’s Barn, a studio owned by a marvelous musician named Ray Brown. My first time in a studio, I was so nervous my throat practically closed and I found myself muscling my way through every song.

I learned all about words when I was just a lad
Reading piles of books like my mom and my dad
Merriam Webster was a good friend to me
Shakespeare and Seuss suited me to a T
There must be a word I’ll find so apropos
I don’t know it yet but here’s one thing I know

It’s more than love, there must be a name
It’s more than love that fires the flame
I look into your eyes and I find myself there
I look into your heart and I’m walking on air
I don’t know what it is, but it’s more than love

I know so many words about living and life
So many words about husband and wife
Words like ‘forever’ and words like ‘forgive’
Words like ‘together as long as we live’
But I can’t seem to find the right word for the way
I keep feeling inside, so here’s all I can say

chorus, then bridge

Words might never say the way you make me feel
But I’ll keep trying until I find the one word that’s ideal

I’ve read millions of words in those books on the shelf
And there’s a million more that I’ve written myself
You’d think one of those would say just what I mean
But they all seem to fall just below or between
I know so many words that say just what it’s not
So I’ll try to describe it with words that I’ve got

chorus, then
I don’t know what it is, but it’s more than love