No Tropical Isle

I asked Best Beloved for a song idea. She hates it when I do that. She suggested something about a tropical island. I said what would we do with a tropical island? This was my answer to myself. (We live in Phoenix for family, not the weather. We like snow.)

After the first two verses I’m going to ask the audience “How about giving me the name of a tropical island that rhymes with, oh, potatoes, and I’ll write a verse” and then do the same for chow and peaty and whatnot. That way, the hokey rhymes are their fault. Yes they are.

capo 2
C G Am F

Sun beating down not our style
We won’t be found on some tropical isle
We’d rather
Transparent beer is no fun
Dark stuff here would block the sun
Or maybe we’ll be drinking poteen in Ireland green

Winter spring summer fall
It’s our thing we want em all
Monotonous weather’s a bore anymore
Forget palm trees and miles of sand
This ocean breeze would freeze a steel drum band
We wear sweaters galore down by the shore

You’ll get tanned in Barbados
but Ireland has better potatoes
bangers and mash tonight sounds about right
fancy restaurant dishes in Curacao
but colcannon and fish is our favorite chow
ask us to share and we mig

Might be more sun down in Bali
but a walk is still fun with a brolly
you’ll never hear us complain about a little rain
you wear skimpy attire out in Tahiti
while we build a fire warm and peaty
the patter on the windowpane is good for my brain

we might like the pace in Trinidad
but Kerry’s the place for this nomad
we’re not the type to moan about being alone
the crowd’s having fun in Martinique
but we might see no one for a week
if you stop by for tea and a scone don’t for

Sun beating down not our style
We won’t be found on some tropical isle
We’d rather not make sunscreen part of our routine