One Last Sad Song

Part of the chorus got stuck in my head, and then the song wrote itself but it wrote about something a little different from what I had in mind.


Makes me glad when I’m happy
It’s lonely being sad
Scares me being frightened
Get angry when I’m mad
I bottle up my feelings
It’s how I get along
I thought maybe I’d write
One last sad song

My people come from Germany
We do anger with zeal
The rest are all from Englad
where we don’t say how we feel
I get to talking to myself
arguing with me
my German half calls England out
and my head is World War III


It breaks my heart the way
I talk to myself sometimes
Reciting every failure
All my petty crimes
You’re stuck there listening
to the noises in my head
that leak out of my mouth
without thinking what I’ve said


So I thought maybe
I’d have a purge
and then the next time
I get the urge
to hate on me
and treat me wrong
I’d remember that I yanked it out
and put it in this song

I thought maybe I’d write
One last sad song

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