Sleeping Lie

Em D C B7 [2122]
shirtsleeve wipe the window grime
your bark weaker all the time
don’t see you but you’re out there I can tell
shaggy coat too far away to smell

back and forth, closer every pass
you think you see me looking through the glass
shadow of coal pacing hot
you think you’re gonna take me but you’re not
C B7
hand on the doorknob, I know

I won’t turn my back [x3]
for you today

I don’t pace, I don’t shake, I don’t freak out
once in a while I can’t help but peek out
you’re not close enough to bite
you’re still there prowling my night
I lean against the door, I know

I hit the light your eyes glow red
you whimper and cower and duck your head
thought you’d come to me to get fed
D C B7
I’ll laugh out loud when I know you’re dead

you used to knock me down, get on my back
work your fangs to hear my spine crack
worry my neck like you were killing a rat
you and I we’re way past that
kick that door open, now I know