Something Fishy

A children’s singalong I’m hoping is also witty enough for grownups.

Protect your pints.

capo 6 1-4-5 in A

The Rileys went to town on Sunday evening
To do the weekly shopping as they do
When it was all done
They’d some minutes for some fun
So they sat at Murphy’s for a few

Little Patrick looked into his milk
So creamy and so luscious and so grand
It wiped away his grin
When he thought he saw a fin
Swimming in the glass there in his hand

There’s something not quite right about me milk
Such a waste to have to pour it down the sink
But nobody would wish
To have a little fish
Swimming circles round and round their drink

Making sure his sister wasn’t looking
He plopped it straight into her orange pop
She went to take a sip
But before it touched her lip
Something sort of finny made her stop
chorus (soda)

Maggie rarely got to have a soda
She wasn’t going to let it go to waste
If mammy doesn’t see a fish plop in her tea
I’m sure she won’t be noticing the taste

Mrs. Riley took her tea with milk
Sometimes she also put some sugar in
She stirred it round and round Then she made a little sound
When she noticed she was stirring round a fin
chorus (tea)

She wouldn’t waste the sugar and the cream
Brace yourself: she’s going to chagrin us
She scooped the creature out And with a furtive look about
She plopped it into Mr. Riley’s Guinness!

Mr. Riley, now he’d had a pint before
And he was sure he’d have another pint someday
He knew he wouldn’t die And so, after a sigh
Asked Mr. Murphy please, to step this way
chorus (pint)

Mr. Murphy looked into the glass
and said “You’re right, there something floating in her.
Tell you what I think: Though you’ve paid for all the drink
There’s an extra charge for having the fish dinner.”
chorus (beverage)