Order in Words

Since this is song 15 this month I’m cutting myself some slack and doing a vocal experiment with a pseudopoem blog post I wrote two days ago.


green fat caterpillar round small lake
black short dress leather tight shoes
old beautiful Victorian hard long look
square big trunk wooden ugly toy
Italian spicy dinner new fancy robe
green fat caterpillar round small lake

Who Made You Blue?

I love doing vocal harmonies. Most acapella groups do music I’m not thrilled with, but sometimes it’s exactly right.

I need to set up my studio and stop recording in the master bedroom closet. It’s a nice space but without a multitrack system I can’t stack the harmonies easily, so each track is sung against the primary melody in the hopes that I’ll get enough harmonic movement. As a result some of the chords are a mite sloppy. Next time, next time.

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