My Body’s a Hundred

As we age, sometimes it’s just sad, and other times there’s a wry humor to the nonsense.

Since this year I’m planning on doing 28 tenor guitar songs I thought I should point out that the bass line here is played on the tenor, then dropped 2 octaves. Yeah, I have a Fender bass and play it just fine. This was easier ’cause I’m lazy sometimes.


my body’s a hundred my brain twenty-one
felt my labors had barely begun
not enough time for what’s left to be done
under what’s left of the sun

my body’s a hundred but I don’t complain
I’ve tried it before and there’s nothing to gain
so I keep on smiling in spite of the pain
rather than moaning in vain

my body’s a hundred, life is a chore
even my parts that are missing are sore
I keep having less and I keep needing more
but my ship hasn’t come to the shore

my body’s a hundred if it’s a day
life shuffles on for creatures of clay
I watch it all pass from the bed where I lay
ignoring the smell of decay

my body’s a hundred, now I’ve got to go
the light in the tunnel’s beginning to grow
I think of what’s coming, facing the blow
I believe, but do I know?