Run Away

Driving is one of my therapies. Though Best Beloved knows that every time I do run away, she’s coming along because that’s how it works.

We run away together a lot.

Needs a full band treatment to shine.

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Big Dark Cloud

Dark clouds always symbolize something bad. All my travels, all the places I’ve lived, clouds are a good thing, dark or otherwise.

Came across a picture I took on travels with Best Beloved @sunnyrose of a sky-wide black cloud over Tucumcari. Flood of memories, good ones.


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That Mountain

This one, specifically:

Phoenix’s east valley is dominated by the Superstition Mountains, a range that, unlike the Rockies, is a great square block of jagged peaks for miles. The one in the photo is the edge, looming over Apache Junction. It has, as far as I can find, no name, which boggles, don’t it?

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