That Mountain

This one, specifically:

Phoenix’s east valley is dominated by the Superstition Mountains, a range that, unlike the Rockies, is a great square block of jagged peaks for miles. The one in the photo is the edge, looming over Apache Junction.

mandolin Gm
sunset shadows sharp against the red
wisp of washed-out cloud snagged on the peak
watching silent up above the sand
silent, but listen to it speak

that mountain everywhere I go
that mountain everything I know
that mountain sunset bleeding red
that mountain can’t get it from my head

above the cactus, long and low and jagged
to the north and to the east it owns the sky
storm clouds rumble down along the range
nestle on its back and cry

no superstition keep your gold
I’ve heard every lying story ever told
tell you mine ’cause I know
I can leave here anytime I want to go

that mountain can’t get it from my head