the measure

there is much discussion of late
about about other people’s fitness
who should decide
how things should be done
about, for instance, who should be allowed to marry
or allowed into, or out of, this or that country
or to rule this or that country
and, nearer to my heart, how math should be taught
don’t get me started
I’m not kidding
unless you want to spend the next hour on the natural beauty of algebra, trigonometry, and geometry, of conic sections and set theory and prime factorizations, on why new math as sacrificial lamb is the ignorant event of every decade,
don’t get me started

but I digress
where was I?
oh yes, discussions of other people’s fitness

there is a discussion of fitness missing here, though I admit it interests me not much more than those issues of alleged political import

is anyone discussing the fitness of those discussers to discuss?

I do not feel accurate spelling is vital to intelligent discourse
nor perfect grammar
these things change with time
and level of formality
and culture

this, though, I do consider vital to intelligent discourse:
the capacity for abstract thought should rise from our heads like peacock feathers, enwreathing and enrobing us with glorious colorful shimmering light

and yet
half a century of being wrong has taught me to have another discussion
another factor far too often missing from intelligent discourse
and exponentially of more value than intelligence
it conquers misspelling and bad grammar
leaps ignorance in a single bound
and yes, it is faster than a speeding bullet and stronger than a locomotive
though, sometimes, it makes us loco in our motives
but applied correctly
meaning slathered liberally hither and yon, in every conversation
every discussion
all intelligent discourse
it smooths and softens, raises and refines
it quashes doubt and embellishes hope
it is cyclical, which is easier to do than to say
and it is infinite
and it is