The Only Other Diner

capo 2
C Am F G
I don’t believe in destiny, I don’t believe in “has to be”
I don’t believe there’s only one true love for anyone
but since the day I met you I knew that you were right for me

you’re the only other diner in my little restaurant
you may not be the only one there is but you’re the only one I want

menu’s so extensive you blanch and put it down
lettuce sit together and I’ll show you around
grill me all you want about what’s on the fare
I’ll clarify it so you know I really knead you there

I’ll never mince my words if you promise not to stir
and if you’re in a pickle I’m your restaurateur
I’m fondue your dressing it suits you to a tea
if you want to caper some I’m in hominy

I’d really stew if someone tried to poach you
When it comes to bussing I can coach you
Am C
We could stay out late, Sharing a blue plate Or going a la carte
Your eyes, your lips, my heart [ mush ]

chorus x2 and vamp on C