Welcome to the World

7th fret A string
7th fret E string

welcome to the world, kid
you look just like your folks
I know it’s way too early
to start in with the jokes
so I’ll save ’em for later
when it’s just you and me
talkin bout the time
when we’ll run away to sea

your parents are the ones
who’ll have to play it straight
teach you right and wrong
and not let you skate
when you try to take a shortcut
or get around the rules
or get to hanging out with
them troublemaking fools

but me, I get to do
all the old man stuff
you do with all your grandkids
when they’re big enough
we’ll prob’ly get in trouble
your folks will get real tired
of our shenanigans
but at least I can’t be fired

I’ll show you how to skip a rock
out across the water
and we’ll get a little boat
for when the weather’s hotter
and when the nights are cool
we’ll stay up all night long
and I’ll teach you how to make a fire
and how to write a song

and how to sing with all your heart
and how to play guitar
and how to use a compass
to find out where you are
we’ll build a treehouse hideout
for when we’re on the run
because Somebody’s folks caught us
having too much fun

but they’ll know you’re always safe
whenever you’re with me
they’ll know it’s just about
the safest place that you could be
and you’ll know even when I’m old
and grey as I can be
the monsters and the dragons
will know not to mess with me

so take it slow growing up
I’ll be here when it’s time
for one big long adventure
pretended life of crime
and if you ever have
a sister or a brother
the three of us will terrorize
your father and your mother

so welcome to my world, kid
welcome to the show
welcome to the kind of nonsense
every kid should know
welcome to the fun and games
and learning with no end
welcome from an old grey man
who’ll be your bestest friend