looks like we’re heading for a whiteout
I can barely see the trees
I’m really hoping that the car starts
’cause that’s beyond my expertise

good thing I’m all stocked up on whiskey
and the fridge is full of beer
don’t need no milk or eggs
since you say you won’t be here

but I could use a little firewood
if you could hang on just a bit
I’ll bring it in from out the back
if this snow’ll ever quit

y’know I’m sad to hear you’re going
like I been saying all along
I sorta thought that you were happy
I sorta guess that I was wrong

I know your feet are kinda restless
there’s things you want to see
but I know that ain’t the reason
in actuality

I been gettin’ on your nerves
and that begets a little doubt
and you begrudge a little dreaming
and that’s why you’re gettin’ out


looks like we’re headed for a whiteout
already piled up to my ears
I guess I’ll go and get that firewood
and you can grab a couple beers

chorus & outro