Who Made You Blue?

I love doing vocal harmonies. Most acapella groups do music I’m not thrilled with, but sometimes it’s exactly right.

I need to set up my studio and stop recording in the master bedroom closet. It’s a nice space but without a multitrack system I can’t stack the harmonies easily, so each track is sung against the primary melody in the hopes that I’ll get enough harmonic movement. As a result some of the chords are a mite sloppy. Next time, next time.


I don’t know why
I even try
when all you do is fly away
when I catch your eye

I wonder who
did this to you
was he untrue?
now you’re so sad
and it makes me wonder
who made you so blue

I don’t know when
you’ll love again
pain sometimes ages
like fine wine
until then
I’ll pretend
that someday maybe
you’ll be mine

but for now
I know where
you’ll find
someone to care
someone who’ll dare
to let you fly away
until your heart can find
the answer to its prayer

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