took the kids for a ride to see the wildlife
they were all whining about being bored
so I took away their electronic devices
and loaded ’em up in my old Ford

they wondered where we were headed
kept asking if we were going to the zoo
I said it was a surprise and they’d find out
wasn’t what they expected, ‘tween me and you

I pulled onto the highway south of Fairfield
went down 84 towards Teague
I’ve done this drive up in South Dakota
but that’s way out of my kids’ league

“Now, off to the right you’ll see an armadillo
thought his armor’d protect him from a car
and he rolled up in a ball and hopped a bit
and the car rolled on, and, well, there you are.”

“Up here on the left is a family of squirrels
chasing nuts on the wrong side of the road
and further along there’s couple snakes
and they were chasing what might have been a toad.”

“And over there down in that ditch
is a deer who crossed when he shouldn’t.”
Asked ’em all how they liked the tour
They might have tried to answer, but, well, you know

When we got home they were kinda quiet
two of ’em went and cleaned their room
the oldest one took out the trash
youngest was on the patio with a broom

Their mother wondered what was going on
wondered why the kids were all so quiet
I told her I took ’em for a drive
and she said sometime she oughta try it

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