Lullaby in Ragtime

[1] Won’t you play the
[3m] music so the
[1(6)] [0022] cradle can
[1] rock to a
[2m7] [5566] lullaby in ragtime
[2m] Sleepy hands are
[6aug] [0123] creeping to the
[2m7] end of the
[5] clock, play a
[2m7] lullaby
[1] ragtime

[1] You can tell the
[3m] sandman is
[1(7)] [1011] on his way
[4] by the way
[4m] [0112] that they play As
[2(7)] still as the
[6m7] trill of a
[2(7)] [3230] thrush at twilight’s
[5] hush

[5] you can hear the
[1] Rhythm of the
[3m] ripples on the
[1(6)] side of the
[1] boat as you
[2m7] sail away to dreamland

[2m] High above the
[6aug] moon you hear a
[2m7] silvery
[5(7)] note as the
[2m7] sandman
[5(7)] takes your
[1] hand
[1(7)] So
[4] rock-a-bye my baby,
[4m] don’t you cry my baby,

[1] sleepy
[6#7] time is
[6(7)] nigh Won’t you
[2m] rock
[6(7)] me
[2m] to a ragtime
[2m7] lull-
[5(7)] a-
[1] by